3 Authentic Ways To Boost Your Awareness Absolutely

3 Authentic Ways To Boost Your Awareness Absolutely (1).png

With the big bang of the personal growth, there is one key ingredient to harness now. It is awareness. In a nutshell, if you want to change your life, kick ass all day, it's essential to be aware of where you're right now. Self-awareness is something that you can learn and with ongoing practice, it can come up with aha moments but cultivate it will give you incredible results.

To boost your awareness, there are three authentic ways that you can apply right now.

1. Ask Yourself High-Quality Questions

Before to set any goal, you need to pass the Honesty Checkup by asking yourself these high-quality questions :

  • What kind of life did you want to lead? The one you desire or the other mistakenly thought was best for you?
  • What do you want?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What stopped you in the past?
  • What can you do to become unstoppable now?

Take the time to think about it, even to write your responses in a journal and go back to it later. Your brain is wired to resolve issues, so give it time to come up with ideas and solutions. What is fantastic about this exercise, you lead your thoughts to make your goals come true and this is a powerful collaboration between you and your mind.

Tony Robbins, the American life coach, entrepreneur, and philanthropist said: "Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." Is your desire to be successful? Use this tool now.

2. Slow Down For Real

Slowing down is replacing your junk with the goodness you crave for your life. Replace speed by flow, quantity by quality, multitasking by uni-tasking, demand by kindness, toxic by healthy, anger with compassion. The key to slow down is to grab this opportunity, to see your position: where you are, who you are, where do you want to go and to make the choice to live a great life. Slowing down is cuddling yourself, to be kind and respect yourself and to live your life on your terms. 

Media mogul, a mother of two and founder of Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington said: "Slowing Down is key to success."Her wake-up call was in April 2007, when she opened her eyes to find herself bleeding after collapsing from exhaustion at her desk (and hitting her cheekbone on the way down). Since then, she is an advocate to change the way we work and put our well-being in the center of the workforce.

3. Know Your Numbers

Where your money is flowing? Do you have a clear idea of your budget, of your bank account? Because money is a neutral energy. Money is affected by the person holding it, you believe that you're abundant, money will take a cuppa with you more often than you may think. If you say yes to fears and adopt a scarcity mindset, money will always slip in your fingers, or you'll feel still cursed about money.

Best-selling author, finance mentor, and coach, Ann Wilson said "When we can get to neutral with money, that is where the magic happens. The truth is all of the emotions we project onto money are just our stuff. Money in and of itself has no meaning." Your behavior and habits are the results of your beliefs system. What you believe has a direct impact on your life and may keep you stuck. If you feel it right now, what makes you feel this way? You need to fix the root of the problem, specifically to make your mind your ally, not your enemy.

So, tell me, which one of these tools resonate with you? 

With all my love