How To Grow Your Business Without Feeling Overwhelmed


You created your business to have this: freedom of time, freedom of location, freedom in terms of money and positively impact people and this is far far away from the truth.

Instead, you’re the CEO, the VA, the marketing strategist, the tech girl, the customer services manager. You’re wearing so many hats that you don’t even know where to start.

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Most women entrepreneurs feel constantly overwhelmed when creating their business and look for direction, guidance to know what to do.

When you don’t know what to do, you’re losing your time and you start to get anxious because you feel blocked, powerless and you start to wonder if leaving your corporate job was a mistake.

You start to worry about money and look for any quick solution to grow your business fast to bring money.

Whereas when you manage your business from a place of focus, not overwhelm, you can see clearly the actions to take to grow your business.

You feel focused, determined and does not allow anything blocking your way.

You wake up, doing what you love, feel inspired and attract your audience, your clients because they feel your passion, your care for them.

The key element which makes a real difference for you and your business is having clarity.

Clarity of vision, clarity of purpose are what makes a business profitable because people love clarity.

When it’s clear, you attract clients who are clear about what they want.

When I built my business, I was eager to start. I wanted to learn the tools, the strategies and I felt into the trap of the shiny object syndrome. Why? Because I wasn’t clear about what I wanted to do.

I bought tons of courses, most of them packed with excellent value but I did one single thing which changes everything: I stopped running, chasing after courses. 

I sat down, had a reality check to see where I was and it wasn’t pretty.

In fact, it was chaotic, with so many things I started but never completed: tons of notebooks filled with ideas, papers scattered on my desk, it was a beautiful mess.

So, I drew a line. Never, ever start something without clarity and looking for people who went through what I experienced to know what to do.

Since then, I know that I made the right decision. I built my community, grew my audience and delivered workshops.

The difference is, when you have the right mindset strategies, tools and support, you bring clarity in your business.

When you have access to a wealth of expertise from people who talk their walk, you have the keys to create breakthroughs in your business.

You have the direction that you were looking for and everything is falling into place. You’re growing your business from a place of focus, not overwhelm.

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You created a business to be free, not to feel constantly overwhelmed.

With love, joy and trust


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