Can You Really Slow Down, Boss Lady?

Can You Really Slow Down, Boss Lady_ - 10_04_2019.png

I got it. It took me time to truly understand the meaning of slowing down.

Let’s face it, slowing down when we are conditioned to run for performance is not easy peasy, right?

But with light-bulb moments, you can see the top of the iceberg and…

Decelerate for a while.

Stop anticipating the next issue

Please the people around you

Burn the candle on both ends…

to fall flat on your face,

(you know this feeling, that whatever you do, you wonder if this is the right thing…I think you can relate).

Wisdom bomb: when shit hits the fan before, you faced it, overcame these roadblocks and bounced back.

This time, the essential key to get out of Overwhelm land is stop flying like a confused bee.

Deep down, you know that this isn’t working and something must change.

Something different

So, break your routine, by saying no to:

  • stay logged in on your social media profiles non-stop

  • interruptions

  • bloody notifications

  • distractions

procrastination - yes, you can do it - make a decision and take inspired action now.

Because you are the one to bring change in your life today.

With love, joy and trust