Do You Want To Stress Less And Perform At Your Best?

Stress less and perform at your best? It’s like being mindful without practising mindfulness and Boss Lady, this is possible. 

Intrigued, puzzled? Let's dive in!

A daily meditation is giving the meaning of what is mindfulness. Meditation is a daily practice leading you in a gentle manner to be more present and mindful.

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I started to meditate in 2014 and never looked back ever since. Meditation was my anchor when chaos entered into my routine, frankly everyday.

In the frenzied world where we're living, having a powerful tool to give you a sense of the world and reduce your stress in 10 minutes is a godsend.

Meditating is the reboot that your mind needs to start over processing around 60.000 thoughts per day. Yes, this is the number of thoughts that our mind is creating.

Imagine added to that, the information overload, the stimuli that our brain needs to deal with, you understand why your mind needs a daily break.

A healthy break. It’s definitely too much and stress is the new plague of our society.

While I recognise the benefits of mindfulness, I’m a meditation kind of girl. Meditation has been an anchor and a real lifesaver during tough times.

Meditation helped me to cultivate the qualities of mindfulness like:

  • patience

  • acceptance

  • compassion

  • awareness

  • joy.

While you may want to cultivate these qualities, the rat race to doing relentlessly can impact negatively your good intentions.

So, starting a daily/weekly meditation practice is a good start to cultivate your awareness one step at the time. Either 3 or 5 minutes, meditation can be practised anywhere.

I learned to meditate on my own, without an app or being guided... and this meditation is a key element of my secret sauce (which is not a secret anymore now) but I couldn’t keep this for me!


Do you feel constantly overwhelmed?

Do you want to stress less and perform at your best?

I've got a powerful meditation in my treasure cove - Ziva meditation

Backed up by neurosciences and scientific studies, Ziva meditation is a powerful tool for your mind, your spirituality and your growth.

Since I’m using this meditation, my productivity skyrocketed ever since and I experienced a sense of ease and harmony that I didn't have before.

The founder Emily Fletcher, has written a book " Stress less, Accomplish more for Extraordinary Performance" to learn the first steps to this amazing meditation.

It could be that you heard about the positive benefits of meditation but you’re wondering where to start.

If this resonates with you, let’s have a chat.

With love, joy, and trust


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