For the Busy Boss Lady Who Hates Wasting Her Time

For the Busy Boss Lady Who Hates Wasting Her Time.png

Remember that time, this day, full of obligations, your mother calling you in panic, the school calling you because your daughter is not feeling well, the arrival of your mother-in-law tonight, the big presentation that you have to deliver to your boss now. This day, you feel overwhelmed, stressed and stretched thin, an awful day right?

Your time is your most valuable resource and Amen! Respect to that.

The hic is: you’re running to tick your to-do list and be everywhere where you think you needed.

The result: you’re losing your focus, your priorities and get distracted by the flow of demands and info that you receive daily in your inbox. I think you can relate. So let’s dive in to see what is eating up your time.

This Is Eating Up Your Time

Let’s face it, you’re a high achiever, willing to put the hours to succeed in life. No matter the time, the difficulty, when you set your mind to do THIS task, it’s done, dusted, archived.

Here’s the thing: your desire to accomplish, make things happen can hit you in the back, in a nutshell eating up your time BIG TIME. The truth-bomb is, are you able to choose your priorities despite the demands and pressure you have as a working woman now? Pressure, expectations, judgments from your culture, family, society and your own demands towards yourself.

May I be honest with you? Being a woman is a blessing or a curse depending where you’re living and it shouldn’t be the case. To change this mentality, this culture, it’s UP to you to define what is a woman now. To stay faithful to your definition to lead the life you want to.

Why You Don’t Have Enough Time

Because you have too many hats to wear in 24 hours:

  • The businesswoman

  • The wife or girlfriend

  • The caregiver

  • The Super Mum

  • The beautiful woman

  • The Wonder woman, always finding solutions to resolve any issues

All of these roles have been modeled by our culture and society. The number of judgments and preconceptions about women is astronomical and there are more laws to limit the freedom of women than anything else. It’s not surprising that, at this stage, we’re struggling. Struggling means, truth-bomb time: this is not a way of living.

How To Get Back Your Time

To make a change, awareness is the number 1 to activate. Your radar needs to be enabled, but instead of going into over-analysis paralysis, choose one way to identify what’s eating up your time in your routine.

You have the old way: you write down everything you’re doing + the time allocated to it daily. To the end of the day, you’ll see in front of your eyes the Time Eater in your day.

I’m going to let you in on a secret, you have another way: the modern way. You go through an Honesty Check Up via these questions: 5 powerful questions to disrupt your routine on autopilot and open space for more time.

  1. What are the tasks frustrating you right now?

  2. Which tasks/activities can you delegate?

  3. Which of your employees do you feel ready for more responsibilities?

  4. I know some of you are going to hate me for that but I take the risk: do you know how much time you’re spending on social media? Honestly? On average, 1 person is spending 2 hours per day on their phone but you know that this is not true…hum!?

  5. What do you need to say No to say Yes to You and your business? (This one is from Elizabeth Purvis.)

My Experience

I was spinning so many plates that I decided to let one drop because Enough was Enough. I stepped back, went through a radical Honesty Check Up and learned 5 tips that I still apply:

  1. Unsubscribe aka clean your inbox for real

  2. Quality over Quantity because doing things quickly is repeating the same mistake over and over, spending more time to fix it.

  3. Take care of my emotional state of mind. Your mind is your best asset and your emotions are your stewards to tell you when something needs to change. Looking after my mind was a life-changing decision for me.

  4. Bring joy in everything I do because when I enjoy what I do, giving my time for this task/activity becomes natural aka Adios Amigos to Mrs Guilt, Doubt and Perfectionism.

  5. I am a human being, not a human doing.

When It’s Time To have This Honesty Check Up

When you feel:

  • Overwhelmed

  • Stressed

  • Exhausted

  • Spinning so many plates

  • Saying Yes too often

  • Reacting (massively!)

  • Snapping at your loved ones

Dear Boss Lady, it’s time to say yes to the Honesty Check Up. Download my free pdf guide to get back your time now!

With so much love