How To Crack The Code Of Success And Have A Life

Ho to crack the code of success and have a life.png

Rock bottom. When a lot of new emerged in my life (new job, new culture, new role (Mum), I played the Wonder woman on autopilot, it’s like juggling balls and let one ball drop and see everything crashing around you. This time, when this happened burnout and anxiety stopped me in my tracks for Real.

Performing used to be the must-have ingredient for any success, now with the staggering rate of mental health issues and stress, how to crack the code of success and have a life is what we crave.

So, what is the Code of Success?

The Code of Success is the formula to achieve the success you’re craving in your life. We all have a different definition of what is success. Success used to be defined by external signs of richness like (house, holiday, promotion, job, etc).

Here’s the thing: you have to determine success on your own terms. Success must be defined by you and only you.

This formula is made of values/principles to incorporate in your life. One of them, for instance, is being grateful but I do believe that there is one key ingredient for success that you need to know: How to be successful?

Being successful is:

  • Cultivate the values to crack this Code like patience, faith, humility. Meditating helps me a lot to cultivate these ones!

  • Create a structure and systems to create consistency in your business, say bonjour to Asana and bye bye to your messy notes scattered on your desk.

  • Discipline yourself to create a daily routine even when hitting the snooze button on your alarm is SO tempting.

  • Practice, practice, practice to strengthen your “i-can-do-it” muscles.

So, now that you know the appetizers to be successful, let’s dive in to crack this code and have a life with this secret sauce :

  1. Slow down aka being your best friend. Yes, this one is coming back again, again but this one saved me from burnout and anxiety, so please remove your skeptical lenses and let me show you. Being your best ally is learn to accept the ebb and flow of life, sometimes it can look like a sprint, a marathon but between these times, you need to slow down.

  2. Learn to be good with yourself. Being good with you is not acting on autopilot, being good to yourself is slowing down and make yourself a priority. In a nutshell, set up healthy boundaries.

  3. Schedule your Bubbles of Happiness aka your “me time.” Make them real in your diary, in your life and non-negotiable now.

Why do you need to slow down?

Let me tell you a secret: your mind is producing 70.000 to 90.000 thoughts per day. Your brain has its limits, even after all the filters it creates to face this bombardment of information. Your mind needs to REST. The amazing machine in your brain, when at rest, will create new neural pathways… and new aha or ideas will come to you. It’s always when I let go of a problem and have a tea break that the solution pop in my mind. I LOVE it!

Another nugget of wisdom: you will be able to bring the best of you to your loved ones when scheduling your Bubbles of Happiness will be a priority in your diary. Arianna Huffington said: "You can succeed much more effectively, and much more sustainably, and with much less damage to your health and your relationships."

What are the benefits of it?

  • Taking care of your mind in a proactive way

  • Develop your awareness during your Bubbles of Happiness

  • Put things into perspective

  • Keep your Big vision in mind

  • Rest and reflect

  • Adjust, cross-correct your direction

  • Being accountable of where you are now

  • Live in the present

  • Create new neural pathways in your brain, hello to a healthy mind!

  • Develop your resilience aka supercharge your batteries

Dear Boss Lady, time for change: schedule your Bubbles of Happiness aka your “me time” and make it non-negotiable. Declare that you matter. Now.

With so much love