This Is What Happens When You Say Yes to You

This Is What Happens When You Say Yes To You

“When I  try to do something new, I have this voice in my head striving to keep me where I am.” Did it ring your bells?

You know this inner voice or ego, let’s call it the inner voice for today is incredibly strategic. Her job is to protect you from any emotional risk at any costs.

She’s going to use all the tools: your beliefs, fears, doubts, insecurities to design a reality so scary, so complicated that you won’t dare to go for it. Go after your dreams.

But sometimes you have this little idea, a little nudge, a bit random, unconventional to dare, to hope, to give a try. This small voice is your intuition, eager to support you and up level your game to be happy.

It’s not a question of weighing the pro and cons, it’s a choice of being aware of these two voices and choose your ally for real.

By knowing the way your inner voice works to keep you safe, you can overrule her plans and thank her for doing a great job BUT to decide that you will go for it. Go after your dreams. Be the captain of your ship.

So imagine that your life is a blank canvas, what will make you feel fabulous now? Place yourself as an observer and tell me, which voice started to peek her nose immediately? 

You can do it.

With so much love