What Is The Key Ingredient To Make Success Happen ?

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Key player used to be my ticket for success. I needed to know, the first to get ahead of the crowd and anticipate my next action to succeed, reach my goals and reach my own expectations. It was bloody exhausting! I don't know how I manage to think I had a fab life !

When a lot of new emerged in my life : new job, new culture, new mum, oh boy the reality of my frenzied pace slapped me in the face, hard and long. I cried like never before, I think for hours to accept my failures and the harsh reality.

Depleted from my bouncing energy, one headline of a magazine stopped me in my tracks the day after : Go Slow by Psychologies Magazine. This magazine helped me to reflect, slow down  and take the pressure off to multiply my chances to reach success in total harmony.

Sounds a dream right !?! No, if you dare to shift your mindset, to change your direction of thoughts and open yourself to new opportunities...which mean :

Slow down to see with new eyes your world.

Place yourself as an observer and listen.


Speak to your bestie.

Have a bath.

Do some workout.

Make yourself a priority.

Frankly the Universe, God or whatever you want to call it has this talent to shake you up like a fab cocktail to bring you what you desire, of course if you are ready for it. But you have to give it space to do its job.

And to start this shift with me, I have a killer question for you :

Are you treating yourself like you treat your friends ?

I'd love to hear from you, I invite you to comment and share your insights.

If you have a friend who needs to slow down Big Time, share this article. Go Slow is essential to keep your mojo and sanity. Share your love !

With love