4 Uplifting Bites To Boost Your Focus And Success That You Need To Know


When I was in holiday, I reprogrammed my mind to disconnect from the digital world by switching off my mobile.

It's simple, easy and straightforward but what's happened when you're back at work?

I have 4 kick ass bites to boost your focus and success now :

1.Blast off these notifications

Between the promotion emails with tons of discounts, great deals with the brands I love, the social section of my Gmail exploded since I'm part of several Facebook groups and to the last the emails, the real emails I need to give my attention to are increasing every day.

How can we organise this constant flow of information ? By setting bridges to stop this flow. How ?

Let me tell you : I switched off all the notifications making my heart beat faster, i.e. that I took the bull by the horns and decided to receive only reminders for the calls I need to give, for my meetings and tasks to do per day. Asana is awesome for that. Since then, freeing myself from these tech reminders made me feel like a million bucks and my self esteem and confidence skyrocketed!

Use the technology to serve you, not to be a slave of the digital world.


I cannot tell you the number of emails I received in my personal inbox per day and I was litteraly losing a precious time to read, organise and respond to everyone. What I did firstly is to unsubscribe to all the emails I am happy to receive but pure temptation for my monthly budget. It's when you start to get tired that you start to resolve your shit and one day, illico presto I did it.

Every email received, I asked myself this question : Is this email is adding value to my day and my objectives ?

Yes - I read the email.

No - I unsubscribe from this mail list immediately. Pronto.

3.Connect with Your Tribe

When you feel bored, not challenged intellectually, going through the motions without being very present, give a call to your friends. The friend who will tell you the truth with no flowers, the girlfriend who will get you out of your moodiness and push you to fight, the brother who is always here to support you no matter what, each of them know you from the core and are the best to elevate you, push you to be yourself and become what you want to be.

They believe in you, they love you and this is priceless. Look after your tribe.

4.Develop Your Awareness

Being aware is the gift from the Universe. Seriously, because with this power in your hands, you know, you see, you feel when you are in misalignment with your vibes. Meditating is opening the doors to new perceptions of the world around you because you are willing to see it and this is the first step. Secondly, you deepen  your empathy, your kindness, you re-learn to being compassionate with others.

Why ? because you understand on a higher level the world, the power of your ego and intuition and make the choice daily to fight for love or hate. The meditation app Headspace is awesome for beginners and Ziva is the best meditation I have ever tried.

The power is in your hands, it's time to harness it.

Which one of these bites are you willing to apply now ? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

Sending you so much love