4 Simple And Powerful Ways To Sky Rocket Your Confidence


Confidence is a word we hear a lot. Whatever you're right now in your life, career, love life, confidence is essential to convince, be respected, live in harmony with others and feel comfortable in your own skin. But what's the core, the source of your confidence ?

There are four keys to unlock your confidence and cultivate it no matter what.

1. Knowing Yourself. Yes, know your strengths, weaknesses, your improvement areas. Your triggers, your values are fundamental to build your confidence. When you know that you 're good at something, you feel, think and act confidently.

2. Consistently Practice Self Love. I cannot emphasize enough how Self Love is vital to feel balanced and confident. Honestly, this is one of the first step to accomplish mentally (your ego is going to say : "what the hell is going on !??"), physically (your ego is gone to become a drama queen...) and emotionally (your ego is in the stratosphere right now! I know).

May I be honest with you ? managing the life crisis of your ego is normal, is even good sign ... Why? because the ego is here to protect you, keep you in a comfort zone and when drama, comparison, over-analyzing or excuses are coming up at light speed, you know that you're on the path to LOVE yourself, this time for GOOD.

Self Love is an ongoing practice, more you'll make it familiar to your mind, less your ego will intervene but first, you have to face your ego drama queen. You can do it.

3. Your Motivation. What is the source of your motivation ? Is it to be happy, enjoy your life, being healthy or be comfortable in your own skin ?

The core of your motivation is the purpose behind all your acts. The challenge is to keep yourself aligned with your purpose. Are you doing a self check ? A kind of review of where you're right now to reach your desires ?

Just do it and cross-correct (if necessary), don't judge yourself (we're human beings, not perfectionists!), just make another choice, this time a more conscious choice. This exercise is excellent to step back and empower yourself and keep going in the right direction.

4. Continuous Learning. When you're still eager to learn, keep your mind open to new possibilities, think differently, you're inherently building your confidence as an individual because you're learning daily.

You're expanding your ability to think, create and THIS my friend is invaluable. It's not being arrogant, it's being knowledgeable to continuously grow. Knowledge is power. Power to fuel your confidence positively. Action mixed with knowledge is a killer combination.

Give a try this week to use one of these keys and tell me the results. Your confidence will reach the sky!

With love and groove