Are You Ready To Change Your Life For Good ?


You know, you're not kind with yourself. Why ? because there is this famous voice using your fears and limiting beliefs to convince you to stay in your comfort zone. But you can SERIOUSLY reduce the power of your ego by understanding one crucial element :

The job of your ego/inner critic is to protect you from any emotional risk by any means. You see, your inner voice is strategic. It will select and use anything to stop you in your tracks. Tara Mohr, best selling author and expert in women leadership said in her book Playing Big : "Being accurate isn't the aim of the inner critic; getting you to avoid emotional risk is." 

Being aware of its plans empower you because you can take action and have faith. Yes, faith. Faith in your skills, your talents, your gifts, in a nutshell, Faith in yourself

You have a dream, plenty of desires and you don't know where to start ? I completely understand you. There is so much out there, who can help you? Who can you trust? Your best ally is your intuition. Make room to this small voice, giving you a little nudge to realize your dreams. Ask for guidance, and your intuition will show you where you need to go to truly change. Dr Claire Zammit, in this podcast by Emerging Women, said that from the moment, she asked for guidance and listened to her intuition, her life changed.

Everything is happening for a reason. If you're here reading my post is because you need it, you want to change. You want to be supported, cheered up and celebrate your victories. I went through the same dilemma and it was when I decided to listen, be conscious of my thoughts and feelings that magic happened.

You see, we have been conditioned as well as our parents that life is hard, money is a struggle, BUT when you disempower these limiting beliefs, you open yourself to something new, different, unknown and exciting.

Don't you want to create your own path in this life journey and make it extraordinary, awesome beyond your wildest expectations?

These are not fake promises. If you're putting in the work to change your mindset, everything is possible. If you have a dream, you know that you can make it real.

Jennifer Longmore, Lisa NicholsMarie Forleo, Emily Fletcher are the killer proof that everything is possible. You have the idea, the faith, the perseverance. These are not secret tools, everyone can activate them if you're READY this time to change your mindset for good.

So, are you ready to change your life for GOOD?

If so, let me tell you, I will be here to cheer you up, support you and show you the badass rockstar that you are!

With all my love