Do This And You’ll Keep Going Boss Lady!

Do This And You'll Keep Going Boss Lady

I did it.
Give myself a break. Throw away my to do list and book a ticket to escape. For 3 days to rest, reflect and eat delicious pasta in Rome.

This break from my routine has been fa-bu-lous!!

Why? because I focused on one human being, me without these nasty boys of guilt, doubt and excuses. I’ve got the time to do what I wanted, when I wanted and, this is freedom boss lady (freedom with a big F), and you need it as well.

This is one of your goals of building your business, do something you love and create a schedule on your terms.

Help people to grow, to rise and shine as they’re born to be. With no shame, no toxic thoughts or energy vampires (yes, these people draining your energy , you know them right?).

So, what can you do to keep going without burning candles on both ends?

  1. Change your environment

    To see where you are, you need to create change around you aka a Winter cleaning. Yes, by doing this you’re going to move the stagnant energy in your house, creating space for what you want.

    Feng-shui is behind this philosophy that arranging, moving things around in a certain way has a direct impact on the way the energy is flowing in your home sweet home.

    So, go for it, look around you, see what you can move and de-clutter.

    Don’t wait Spring to bring more clarity, energy in your environment.

  2. Travel

    Like I did, I changed my environment straight away. It was not planned months in advance and it didn’t cost me a fortune. is fantastic for that, I found a badass package and I went for it, made arrangements with my hubby and baby-sitter.

    Hey boss lady, I say yes to me and I’ve got so many aha-moments it was pretty crazy and you know what? I LOVED IT!

    I learned more about me than in 30 years because I got out of my comfort zone.

    Don’t let Mrs Ego lead the party in your mind, go for it and do it, travel on your own. You’ll never regret it.

  3. Make the power of reflection your best friend

    Why? because it’s going to tell you what need to change. It’s like having a GPS to tell you when something needs to be adjusted, cross-corrected…because it’s going to happen. Building your business is not a straight path, you’ll have these high and lows and reflection is the BRIDGE between both of them to make sense of what’s happening and learn from it.

    Truth bomb : give yourself the gift to pause, to stop yourself. Ask yourself this question: What can I learn from it? Because it’s always when I stopped hustling like a crazy bee, and paused from a place of rest that magic happened: aha-moments, light-bulb popping up in my mind, new insights to do things differently.

    And I’ve got something for you, it’s FREE and it’ll create SO much visibility, clarity and accountability to keep you going.

    Because you deserve to see your awesomeness now.

    With love, joy, and trust