You May Complicate Things Boss Lady

You May Complicate Things Boss Lady

Did it ever cross your mind that you may complicate things ? Hey, boss lady, not you but your mind. Because if you think that it’s not simple, easy, it’s not going to be.

 Let me give you some context. Last year, I wanted to create my website but something tripped me up.

The belief that I have : I am not a tech savvy person aka building a website is not part of my skill set.

I even started to hire a web designer to give up to the end. My mind was adding layers of complexity to give up for real BUT something happened.

With the help of B-School, a dose of guidance and a kick ass belief: I can do it!

Guess what’s happened:

I built my website in 5 months on my own with no web designer, tech expert or even my hubby.

I dived into it, full on, pestering, screaming with joy, wrestling with Mrs Ego, my perfectionism, changing this and that - to the end, my website was ready. And I was so damn proud about it.

What helped me change my belief?

  • Continuous support

  • Guidance 

  • Remove this limiting belief by an empowering one 

The Result

  • A new identity

  • A new skill set in my treasure cove

  • A goal turned into reality

  • A boost in confidence and self esteem

  • A healthy dialogue with my mind

Do you want the same?

To move forward instead of spinning your wheels ?

To play big instead of playing small?

To build a healthy dialogue with your mind instead of being manipulated by Mrs Ego ?

Take the Rockstar Manifesto.

Because you deserve to achieve your goals not tomorrow, not in 5 years, but today.

Don’t let your mind complicate your life, go simple, take the Rockstar Manifesto.

With love, joy, and trust