Take It Easy Boss Lady, This Can Wait

Take it easy boss lady, this can wait.png

Take it easy.

Like you give a break to your children, give you the permission to be imperfect. You know why? Because you’re not a finished product, you are a work in progress.

And after the festive season with tons of food bonanza, family gatherings and present-wrapping, you can go nuts when you envision the work to go back to your routine.

This is Overwhelm land guaranteed. Instead of beating yourself up to have overeaten, under-working out, truth talk boss lady:

Speak to you like you’re speaking to your friend. With compassion, kindness and realism, you’re gonna be real.

Give this time, this love to you. You grew, learned a gazillion things and celebrated Christmas in beauty.

Now back to your routine, the adjustment is not easy. Pamper you with “me time”, reflection, rest and self-love. 

You are enough. 

Kick off your shoes, get cozy in your fav blanket and enjoy this latte. 

Your vision can wait, your latte can’t.

With love, joy,and trust