Boss Lady, Do You Like Learning ?

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Learning is great but apply what you learnt is another matter. Boss lady, I feel you. Oh, I know.

Since 2017, I bought a ton of learning courses, 18 learning courses to be exact. I am a learn-aholic kind of girl, think outside of the box is my mantra.

I’m not saying that to brag, but I know how to choose and buy a learning course that will produce the results you want.

I went through the trial and error stage and trust me, I know what to check before to say yes to a course.

Did I complete all of them? No.

Did they help me to be where I am right now? Yes, absolutely.

It’s often not about the course, it’s about yourself, where you are and if you’re ready to invest in yourself.

So, kick off your shoes, take your fav cuppa and relax your shoulders and let’s start.

  1. How do you feel?

  2. Do you:

    . Feel pumped to start your day or dragging yourself out of bed?

    . Do what you love or doing a side hustle that you love?

    . Feel that the sky is your limit and you can get anything you want if you put your mind to it?

If your response is no to one of these questions, let’s change that, shall we? With baby step to shift your mindset before taking up another course.


Learning is a question of commitment. You will not get the results you’re craving if you don’t commit to bring your A-game to this learning party.

The power of commitment is like when Wonderwoman beats Ares, it’s spectacular and create a momentum. And your advantage is to surf on this momentum wave FAST, so commit for real now.

You want to reap the benefits of any learning course? Put into practice what you learned, implement it.


How many times I said I don’t have time for this? Probably a thousand times. The eureka moment? When I decided to make time to watch this lesson or start Module 1, something shifted in me - an equation pop in my mind:

make time for it > schedule it > YOU make it real = you’re moving forward and the big smile on your face is only thanks to YOU.

And truth bomb just for you: when you don't have time, it's not a time issue BUT a mindset issue.

We all have 24 hours in one day.

I'm gonna be real here and honesty is the best recipe for success.

  1. What are the tasks eating up your time? 

  2. What is wasting your time?

  3. What do you do that completely sucks the energy out of you?

What’s next?

Take your notebook, write, reflect boss lady.

Because your business is growing with you. When you make time for your growth, you up-level your business.

With love, joy, and trust