Do these 4 Things Every Day And Your Motivation Will Be On Fire

Do these 4 things every day and your motivation will be on fire

Do you ever feel discouraged to achieve one of your goals? I got you. I’ve been there.

Let’s be honest: saying Yes to your goals is brave because you commit to get out of your comfort zone and complete the steps to go for it.

This is not for the faint-hearted, and if you’re a boss lady now, there’s no coincidence: you’re brave, smart and you want to be successful and happy.

Let’s dive in the neuroscience of motivation to smash your goals before saying Adios Amigos to 2018.

What is Motivation

Motivation is the drive, the passion pushing you to get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals, reach your desires or dreams.

Why Motivation is Important

Without motivation, there is no fuel for your goals. To achieve them, you need to create momentum. Once it’s done, motivation is what keeps going the momentum to go further, to move the needle faster to achieve your goal ultimately.

Tactics to Fire up Your Motivation

1) Your Why

Simon Sinek explained it in detail in his book “Why” and in his TED Talk. In a nutshell, he explained that people want to connect with you and for them to relate to you, to support you, they need to know your Why.

Behind your why, there’s your vision, your desire to impact the world positively. Nowadays, people want to be inspired, engaged and connected, most importantly valued and understood. Your why may be the key to unlock your lack of clients, always share your vision with them. They want to be part of it.

From a motivation point of view, your why is your drive. When you connect each of your tasks to your why, you create a flow of passion, of determination leading to momentum and results. Give it a try now, just close your eyes and remember why you built your business? How do you feel? More energized and alert, right?

2) The Perception of Your Goal

Do you ever feel discouraged to achieve one of your goals? Do you feel this twinge of fear when you dream too big? This immediate question popping up in your mind: “How on earth am I going to achieve that?”

Any goal, let’s face it look MASSIVE once you dare to think about it and write it down. But like a piece of art, you need to take baby steps to create a masterpiece, this is the same for your goals.

This is also how your brain process this goal. More your goal is perceived as difficult, less you’re going to achieve it. The good news is, more you remove the perceived difficulty, more you’ll demonstrate to your brain that your goal is attainable aka your mind will become your partner in crime to say Yes to your goal.

a) action

So, the first step is to break the goal in mini-goals or break down your goal in small, medium and intermediate goals that you can complete daily, weekly or monthly as advised by the psychologist Angela Duckworth in her book “Grit.”

b) action

Use at your advantage the left part of your brain, it loves resolves issues, problems, challenges, make it work this way:

  • What are the steps to achieve this goal?

  • Which step can you take today to feel fabulous and close to this goal?

c) inspired actions

By connecting your feelings with your questions, you activate the right part of your brain, where is the center of your intuition and creativity. From this point, listen to your intuition and write down the baby steps to take.

3) A goal = A reward

To keep your motivation on fire, you have to reward yourself. For any small goal accomplished, reward yourself. For example, you dream to write a best-selling book, you decide to break down this goal (aka make your brain, your partner in crime) into small goals. One of these baby goals is to write down 100 words per day and rewarding yourself with a nice meal with your bestie.

Dean Griffiths, founder, and CEO of Energy Fusion explained as follows: in a study at Vanderbilt University, scientists mapped the brains of “go-getters” and “ slackers” and found that those willing to work hard for rewards had higher dopamine levels in the striatum and in the pre-frontal cortex, which are both linked to motivation and reward. Among slackers, dopamine was present in the anterior insula, an area of the brain that is involved in emotion and risk.

It’s important to notice as per the Expectancy Theory created by Victor Harold Vroom, people will choose to behave differently depending on the desired reward, so to cut the chase, select a reward that you’ll LOVE to get, have, making your joy reaching the sky and you’ll be more likely to achieve this goal to get it.

4) The Power of Support

Being part of a Mastermind helps you to keep your motivation UP because you have the proof that what you experience is a step that you peers already experienced in the past, a kind of part of the journey as an entrepreneur.

Having an accountability partner will uplift, energize you to make you feel GOOD (and we need it!). Hear someone remind you of your successes, cheer you up, it’s a real game-changer you could ever have. You dream, no, you want a mindset coach, a royal pal, a motivator on your side? Book a Rockstar Call with me.

Being in an online group, supporting your goals is key to uplift your vibes when you feel down, discouraged. Why? Because you’re all in the same boat and this creates a strong connection to support each other to succeed.

The benefit of support groups

We all need a support group in some kind of shape or fashion. A support group helps to:

  • Create a sense of solidarity

  • Create a bond of understanding and empathy

  • Keep everything in perspective.

  • Stay grounded

  • Share your struggles

You know a goldmine now: how to stay motivated no matter what. So, I’d love your take on this: what’s the baby step you can take today to get closer to your goal?

With love, joy, and trust