Are You Sick And Tired To Beat Yourself Up?

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Do you remember the last time you have been kind to yourself? Give yourself a break and lower your expectations aka let it go ?

If your response is no, you're in the right spot.

Let's be honest: you're fighting to create a thriving business to positively impact the world aka do something you love and gain the financial freedom you're craving. You set up your expectations, and you go for the GOLD. Because you deserve it. Because you're ambitious and want to make your vision a reality.


Accepting the ebb and flow of life is part of the recipe for growth. If you don't know it, your life journey would be a series of drama with no end because you won't get it when shit hits the fan


What is fantastic - when shit hits the fan, learning is on the menu and this, Boss Lady is something to keep in mind. Behind every experience, there is a learning to grow, to reflect and to rise higher.

So with this in mind, make a pact with your mind for REAL. When shit hits the fan:

1. Honor your emotions

You're a woman with emotional intelligence, a kind of GPS to tell you when something is going wrong, accepting your emotions is the KEY to unlock your potential aka your ability to learn and bounce back.

2. Place yourself in a state of curiosity

Give space to a good Honesty Check-up:

What can you learn from it?

When you question yourself this way, you're strategically using your brain - the left part of your mind is going to love it, by doing so you're giving him some work to do to resolve this question.

3. Be kind to you

Once your amazing mind comes up with responses, be kind to you. Yes. I'm not going to give you a PEP talk because being compassionate is part of you. Taking care of others, be receptive to their needs, make people happy= you know how to do that.

We have been educated to be peacemaker, nurturer NOT troublemaker. Now, it's time to be a game changer and accept that taking your space, create your game ask you to be kind with yourself.

You know, as a boss lady, you'll fail, learn, bounce back, succeed ALL THE TIME, it's part of the game. With every new level of growth, you'll go through this stage.

What's the point to beat yourself up? Give ammunition to Mrs. Ego? Be so hard with you?

It's a direct way to burnout and exhaustion. Arianna Huffington, media mogul and founder of the Huffington Post experienced it and since then, her mantra is "slowing down is key for success."

So I'd love your take on this. What can you do to inject some kindness in your day today?

With love, joy, and trust