From" Omg already" to "Nailed it", Boss Lady, You're Going to Like This!

From omg already to nailed it, boss lady, you're going to like this!.png

Are you like me, struggling to believe that Christmas is around the corner? Yes, very close to knocking on your door. Because truth talk is needed, I’m not ready for present planning, and fairy lightning yet. But wine-mulling, fireside-cozying and make every moment count? Yes, I’m uuuuup for it.

With this in mind, it gets easier, I’m ready to join the glitterati tribe to celebrate Christmas on my terms. I’m like an excited child who cannot wait to tell you the beauties I discovered to spoil someone special. (Yourself?)

Want a partner in crime to go after your goals? I’ve got you covered. Let’s start!

1.A present to organizing your mind and goals

This one is a must-have, acclaimed by thousand of women globally as the planner to say yes to your goals. Intentional, backed up by the attitude, cultivate what matters little by little, buying it is sending a direct message to the Universe that you’re here for the long haul! #Powersheets is what you need next to your cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving!!

2. A bit of self love for your mind


Headspace for beginners. Headspace has been my anchor, the lifesaver of my mind when I started to meditate, you cannot go wrong for this one, this app is recognized globally as one of the bests to begin meditation.

Ziva meditation for advanced. You want to take care of your mind while being a badass boss lady? This one is for you, the performer, the action taker, I practice it twice per day, and my productivity is skyrocketing ever since!


To celebrate Thanksgiving, you and your loved ones, write your blessings in the new Gabby Bernstein journal to raise your vibrations and spread love and gratitude around you. Annnnd the cherry on the cake, you’ll get a journaling meditation for free!


For the fans of essential oils, Doterra and Neal Yard Remedies are the best for me. 100% organic, using them is a game changer for your emotions and health.

Candles - Neom Organics is the shop to go to, to delight your loved ones and bring a big smile on their face. Quality, beauty, authenticity, all in just one Neom Organics candle. Go for it, Black Friday is SO close!


A book that you cannot put down: Brene Brown - “Braving the Wilderness: The quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone.” Being vulnerable, being yourself is power, boss lady, take it and own it.

A book, once you’ll read the first page, escape will be your word for the day. Ava Miles is SO talented to immerse you in a fabulous story like “The Sky of Endless Blue” that you’ll read all her books after this one. I loooooove her books!


This one is a dream come true: to make baby steps to learn, change your perspective and being yourself at your pace. Love bomb: this one is to read, cozy in your warm blanket with a chai latte or mulled wine on your side (between us, wine mulling in this season is my new passion). This one is Psychologies Magazine.

I’d love to know. Which present have you got in mind for yourself?

With love, joy, and trust