You Want To Have A Superpower? Read This

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Do you dream to perform like a confident businesswoman instead of struggling with Mrs. Ego? If so, you’re in the right spot.

There is something I love to do and still do to process faster my emotions and bounce back quickly.

My superpower for my mental health is journaling, and you can have it too. If you use a journal to pamper your mind already, I give you a high five right now. If not, let me show you what you’re missing and why it’s time to give a try.

What Is Journaling aka Giving a Holiday Ticket to Your Mind

Journaling is to write in a journal everything coming to your mind to empty your mind of all these negative, revolving thoughts or problems that you keep for yourself.

When I was a teenager, journaling helped me to make sense of the world, my emotions and to have someone I can confide to, guaranteed that nobody will speak about it (my journal was well hidden!)

Why Journaling Is Good for Your Mental Health

Having good mental health requires to de-clutter your mind and to speak up. Journaling is a healthy way to let your mind be free by free-writing. This practice is a superpower to increase your awareness of the state of your mind. Sometimes, we can be so focused on our world that we do not realize what’s happening around us and trust me; I got you.

Like you use a GPS to guide you, journalism is your superpower to guide you towards having a healthy mindset.

The Benefits of Journaling

1.Verbalize your thoughts and feelings

Instead of adding layers of drama to your thoughts, journaling allows you and your mind to have a break by writing what is disrupting you, what is taking up your mental energy and this is a real release for you and your mind.

2. Problem-solving

When you see your challenges written on paper, instead of being the main character, you become an observer, a witness aka being in the cinema watching a captivating movie, and honestly, it feels so good! To look at your thoughts this way: to put back everything in context to solve your problems faster.

Journaling = step back + awareness = new perspective = new solutions

3. De-clutter your mind aka empty your mental bin

Speaking to someone is easy to do BUT speaking to show your vulnerability is not something that everyone is comfortable with. This is where journalism comes handy because your journal is your silent cheerleader and you can confide in it at any moment.

Empty your mental bin is giving the green light to your mind to open your Pandora box and let go of everything without judgment.

4. Develop your focus, stability, and empowerment

Being able to resolve your problems, take care of your mind and contribute to your balance is reaching the Gold in our frenzy world. Use this superpower to protect your mental health, boost your focus on what matters and empower yourself daily.

The left part of your brain (the analytical and rational one) is engaged letting the right part of the brain to act freely and say yes to more creativity and intuition aka welcome new ideas very soon.

5. Expand your awareness

Once you put your thoughts on paper, your thoughts and feelings lose the emotional risk they carry, the grip which makes you anxious, stressed, overwhelmed. You realize, truth bomb here, that you are NOT your thoughts. I’m going to let you in on another goldmine: journaling is a real superpower because you disempower Mrs. Ego.

Your ego will use everything it can to keep you SAFE at any cost: aka using your thoughts, fears, worries, concerns. When you empty your mental bin, you remove a lot of the tools that your ego can use. If you feel still tangled in the chain of your thoughts and wants to give life to your hidden goal, book a Rockstar Call with me.

6. Clarity and space

Get crystal clear on your thoughts and feelings is the antidote to bring more clarity and create space for what you desire, what you want to accomplish.

7. Journaling is the Holy Grail for your mental health and productivity

This practice helps you to organize and manage in a better way overwhelming emotions. As per the researcher James Pennebaker, journalism is a stress management tool. Writing about stressful events helps you to come to terms with them. And this is not the end of it, therapeutic, free, journaling is a simple and powerful practice to increase your resilience. In a nutshell, a superpower accessible to you.

How Can I Start

Buy a journal and let yourself off the hook, there is no expectation, no pressure, nobody is going to over your shoulders when you’re journaling.

When Do I Start

Anytime, taking care of your mental health is a practice to incorporate in your daily routine with baby steps.

Time to take action, start journaling and giving a holiday ticket to your mind! It will love you for that.

With love, joy, and trust