The Kick Ass Guide To Build A Healthy Mindset

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Day 7 : I have just finished my second meditation and oh boy, I cannot live without it, the mantra guide me into a blissful world where I surrender completely and enjoy the ride wholeheartedly. Day 7 of my Ziva online course and I knew that meditation was key to build a healthy mindset. But what is a healthy mindset when being healthy is the must have of our culture now?

Let’s dive in to reap the benefits of it, shall we?

What Is A Healthy Mindset

Having a healthy mindset is take care of your mind. Daily, consistently like brushing your teeth every morning. If you don’t do it, it’s not good for you, your brain and your loved ones, in a nutshell this is gross. Yes, now this is it.

Having a healthy mindset is the mindset to up-level your life, elevate each of your decision because you’re making these decisions from a place where you VALUE yourself, from a place of love. You say bye bye to lack, scarcity, of the “ must, should” for real.

Taking care of your mind is give yourself some respect. The respect you need to have the mindset to achieve your goals in a healthy way, to give you the green light when you’re ready to kick ass all day.

The Benefits of A Healthy Mindset

  • Help you to achieve your goals healthily aka without working for hours day and night

  • Boost your resilience to stress

  • Enhance your problem-solving skills

  • Amplify your intuition

  • Supercharge your productivity

  • Increase your creativity

How To Build A Healthy Mindset

Ladies, 5 tools will help you right now to build this mindset today:

1. Journaling.

Journaling is the Holy Grail for your mental health. When you feel lost in an emotional storm, let's be honest, negotiate with your emotions to keep your cool is difficult BUT write down all your thoughts is something that you can do. No need to go to a therapist. Journaling is a therapeutic tool giving you AHA-moments instantly aka clarity and a real wisdom bomb: you are not your thoughts. This is powerful because you learn how to disempower Mrs. Ego.

2.Meditating: the reboot for your mind

Meditating is THE superstar for your life and productivity. When you meditate, your brain is saturated with the "bliss chemicals" serotonin and dopamine reducing your stress and helping you to be a productive boss lady. This is the equivalent of going to the gym, this time for your mind.

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3.Honesty Checkup.

You go through an Honesty Check Up with 5 powerful questions to disrupt your routine on autopilot and open space for more time.

4.Self Love

Cultivate self-love is giving yourself a pat in the back, is being your best friend, the friend who will cheer you up and love you for who you are, no matter what. You're able to give this love to your bestie, give this love to yourself. Acknowledge your achievements, your journey until now and set up empowering boundaries now.

5.Emotional Intelligence (aka embrace your emotions)

Being positive is the must-have of our society, let's be honest: without your optimism and resilience, you wouldn't be where you are today.

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BUT the reality, well the truth is, it's not easy to be all the time the sunshine of the party to uplift everyone, sometimes, you need to accept that THIS day is not your day.

This is where you have to embrace your emotions, not bottle your pain hoping it will pass and be a people-pleaser. Sometimes, you need to have a time-out and have a good cry, scream, yell to release these strong emotions.

Why? Because these emotions are the stewards of the life you're craving to have. They're telling you that something, someone triggered you and your values/beliefs are not respected. And you have two choices: either to react or to let it go.

I wanted to share with you this fabulous Ted Talk by Susan David. She challenges a culture that prizes positivity over emotional truth and discusses the powerful strategies of emotional agility.

6.Positive Thinking

This is an attitude to life, a conscious choice to focus your attention on the positive, goodness in your life. Being positive is part of my DNA, whatever happens, I focus on the good points, BUT when I am SO close to losing my cool, I embrace my emotions.

Why? Because they're here to help us. To make a conscious change before bouncing back again. It’s brave to embrace your emotions and I know, you are.

Where Do You Start

Choose one of the above tools and stick to it to get the results. Go for it, give a try and don't let Mrs. Ego convince you that it's BS, it's not.

Don't you know where to begin? Book a Rockstar Call with me to build a healthy mindset now.

With love, joy, and trust