You Want To Keep Up With It Boss Lady?

You want to keep up with it boss lady

“My business is growing so fast and I cannot keep up with it all”

Are you feeling this way right now?

If so, you’re definitely in the right spot.

Because it’s time to face it, as long as you play the Wonder woman, everyone is going to believe that you can handle it.

It’s time to break this fake-perfect-sense of control-image that you’re trying to follow. Because the way you’re living right now is insane and make you think that you’re not enough, right?

I’m gonna be real here: ASK FOR HELP.

Asking for help is not a weakness, I don’t know the guy who invented this idea but he’s lucky that I don’t know where he is… because he messed up with you, me, all of us.

Asking for help is a strength. It’s showing that you accept to be vulnerable as well as strong.

That you can be authentic and admit your struggles, difficulties and challenges. This is what, after all what makes you HUMAN.

And you crave that. Authenticity, reality and honesty.

That’s why I have a truth bomb for you: if you want now, to ditch the Overwhelm land for your Dream land, it’s time to FACE THE TRUTH and ASK FOR HELP.

How can you expect for people to help you if they don’t see you?


And I want to HELP. You want for 2019 to be YOUR year?

Book a FREE Rockstar call with me.

Because you deserve to get the business you want NOW.

With love, joy, and trust


Do You Want To Build An Unshakeable Resilience, Boss Lady?

Do You Want To Build An Unshakeable Resilience, Boss Lady?

Do you remember the last time, you kicked off your shoes, cozy yourself in your fav blanket and just close your eyes?

Not to meditate but just to be.

Not to read the book from Michelle Obama “Becoming”, not to do something but just being in the present and recharge your batteries.

Do This And You'll Thank Me Later!

Are you ready to take action?

The action to move things around and remove this wishy- washy feeling of being stuck?

It’s time for Action. Action. Massive Action Boss Lady.⠀

Yes, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, shake up your booty and go for the GOLD.

But this time let’s do it as the smart woman you are, shall we?⠀⠀

No to hustling, doing, running, juggling and got yourself in Overwhelm land a light speed. Nooo you’re smarter than that.⠀

This time, look at all the things you put aside to do later, because you need more time, details, it’s too complex, not good enough, whatever the reason look at it and observe your feelings.

If Mrs Ego is kicking off like a crazy bee with your fears not too far away, you just hit your resistance.⠀

And this is pure GOLD.

Because your resistance is showing you the ACTION to take to up-level your game and business now. This is the ACTION to take to move in the right direction.⠀

You want more nuggets of wisdom to grow your business?

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With love, joy, and trust


What Kind Of Life Do You Want, Boss Lady?

What Kind of Life Do You Want, Boss Lady?

What kind of life do you want Beautiful?

And if instead of setting goals, you decide to slow down instead?

To take a mindful approach to your life and start tomorrow. A New Year Resolution, this time, realistic and life-changing.

A conscious choice to make time to be mindful. There’s no better time for a new start.

Mindful of your words, of your time spent on social media, of your tribe, of your family and of course your business.

You know that your pace has to change, it’s not going to happen overnight, by the click of your fingers or with a magic wand.

But you feel that getting out of your routine is necessary now.

You don’t want to run but you want to move forward, little by little, one step at the time and I am with you.

Creating your pace, your stretching zone is creating boundaries in a healthy way.

For you, your business, your loved ones. And it start when you feel refreshed, rested from vacation or holiday.

Why waiting to have some holiday to experience feeling like a million bucks?

Make a choice of the feeling, of the pace you want to live everyday.

You cannot control the circumstances but you can control the way you react to it.

Step back instead of reacting. Be curious instead of judging.

This start by becoming mindful.

And you can with the Rockstar Manifesto. In this audio series, I compiled my best tools to truly becoming mindful not tomorrow, not in five years, but today.

Take it.

Because you deserve to create a life that you love today.

With love, joy, and trust


The Only Proven Tools That You’ll Need To Grow Your Business

The Only Proven Tools That You’ll Need To Grow Your Business

What I learned is, being a boss lady is tough when you do not have the tools that you’ll need to grow your business.

Yes, there is no road-map, no direction, it’s a guessing game which can cost a fortune to find the way to make our business profitable.